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We teach small group classes so you are never a number in the crowd and receive the attention you deserve when it comes to effective training. We also strive to keep things interesting by providing diverse ways to get your body moving through a fitness experience each time.

Smarter fitness made simple

Our programs promote longevity and defy age by improving posture, strength, flexibility and self esteem. We adhere to a mantra of making lifestyle changes over those that are temporary. Transitioning to a healthy, fit lifestyle can be a challenge. We offer tips and guidance to help you transition with PWB Lifestyle


Stand taller, improve self-esteem and get a toned, fit body that is as beautiful on the inside as it shows on the outside.

Directions to Studio/Contact Us

Historic Harbor Hill Complex
5 Division St. building D
2nd floor
East Greenwich, RI

 About DeeDee

I am passionate about clearing obstacles that hold people back from the activities and lifestyles they desire. I enjoy inspiring others to realize greater potential by making healthy changes while having a great time. My mission is to provide a place of discovery where fitness and focus yield a better quality of life your whole life long. Go beyond ordinary and find your best self in a fitness/wellness lifestyle. 


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