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Pilates West Bay started as a small space with a passion for sharing pilates and has grown to 3,000 sf of space housing a variety of methods and services. 

Our logo peacock feather came from the metaphor "proud as a peacock" and reminds us of what we feel like after a session with extended posture and greater sense of awareness and vitality. 

Our dedicated instructors are unique in their appproach but each one has gone through extensive training and many years of experience to make them great at challenging each individual through a fitness experience. 

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Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; they feel amazing effects on their body and want to come to the studio as often as possible.

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It is our mission to help people gain a deeper understanding of their bodies in a way they can feel from the very first session. We build that understanding from the inside out - beginning with a positive mindset then achieving effective results from the core outward. 

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If you are looking to be a number in the crowd and go through your motions, we are most likely not the place for you. We keep our classes small so that instructors can make sure everyone is getting an effective and safe workout with modifications if needed. Solo sessions are personalized to meet your goals.


We don't believe in making workouts a punishment. You should enjoy and feel exhilarated after a workout not beaten up. We keep things fresh and interesting and provide many different ways to get fit for any age no matter what physical shape.  


Most of our business was built through word of mouth and client referrals. You'll find an encouraging and warm atmosphere so you may focus on the important things. Many teachers and students have worked together since the very beginning. Everyone is here to cheer you on and help keep you on a consistent regimen. 

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This workout on a stabilized roller will keep yield better balance and core strength.  The roller is used for lying, kneeling and standing exercises using 3-9 lbs of resistance.  Rolling out the fascia on the roller completes the hour.

Originally called "the Art of Contrology" as the exercises rely on body control from start point to end point, the pilates method can be adapted to challenge any level from novice to professional athlete and most importantly can be practiced at any age. 



PWB by DeeDee pilates

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of GYROTONIC® Sales Corporation and are used with their permission.

Strengthen and stretch the major muscle groups of the body. This class blends the effective core movements of pilates with sculpting work at a ballet barre, arm toning, floor exercises and active stretches to keep muscles supple.

Reach beyond muscle dominated control with expanded freedom of movement creating space in muscle bound joints. Elements of yoga, tai chi and swimming are all found in the movement patterns. This system is more perpetual, rhythmic and energized motion.

Want to see what we do? Schedule a complimentary consultation appointment with one of our expert instructors. We'll show you around and help guide you in the right direction. Eager to dive right in?Purchase introductory rate apparatus sessions. Prefer group classes? Try our 2 weeks of unlimited group classes in Studio B for just $20!

A circuit class using the Ugi weighted medicine ball. Combine cardio,  strength and pilates exercises for a full body workout. Class includes classic pilates mat exercises focused on stretch/cool down. 

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