What a great class! It flowed and DeeDee gave personal attention as if I was in the studio. For a virtual class, I'd give it double the maximum stars!

Anna S.

What You Will Find Here

DeeDee is the most skilled and creative instructor!

Susan H.

Client Testimonials

Rigid workouts on repeat

X   Being rushed in and rushed out

X   Perfection and pushing​

 I learn so much from DeeDee in a session, more than just a great pilates workout,  She has great empathy, warmth, kindness and connection. I leave our sessions stronger in every way. She always sparks something good in me. DeeDee is a gem.

Jill G.

             Space to honor individuals where they are

             A variety of class focuses

             Effective workouts that you feel

What You Won't Find Here

DeeDee Potts

DeeDee has a diverse range of expertise in the field of wellness and movement. As the founder and CEO of Pilates West Bay INC Studio, she has  over 20 years of teaching experience. 
DeeDee's personal journey with Pilates began when she suffered a torn ACL and underwent reconstructive surgery. It was through Pilates that she discovered a safe and effective way to regain her strength and conditioning, allowing her to return to the activities she enjoyed without pain. This personal experience has shaped her teaching style and instilled a deep understanding of the transformative power of Pilates. She is keen to meet people where they are in movement and exercise, pushing and encouraging rather than punishing.
In addition to her expertise in Pilates, DeeDee is also a certified and licensed GYROTONIC® instructor with over 10 years of experience. She is fully aware of the way this method can open up stuck joints and tight muscles, offering greater freedom and mobility in the body. Her dedication to being both a teacher who adjusts to the needs and challenges of her clients and student of movement methods reflects her passion for continuously expanding her knowledge and skills.

Beyond movement instruction, DeeDee holds certifications as a Health Coach and Whole Person Health Facilitator. She takes an integrative, whole person approach to wellness, believing that an integrative perspective is paramount to maintaining an active lifestyle.  She incorporates various methods and services to enhance healthy living, longevity, and vitality in her teachings.
Overall, DeeDee's extensive experience, passion for movement, and holistic approach to wellness make her a remarkable and influential figure in the field. Her dedication to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals, combined with her knowledge of Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and health practices, sets her apart as a highly respected and sought-after instructor and mentor.

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